National Honor Society Research Paper

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Being inducted into the National Honors Society would mean great honor to me. The National Honors Society has been a very big help to our high school and our community as a whole. I would love to be part of an organization that helps out as much as this organization does. It would mean that people see me a leader and can rely on me to get the job done. People see me as a person they can go to when they need help, and they can trust me to help them. I would be honored if I were inducted into the National Honors Society. I plan on contributing all of my efforts into the National Honors Society. I will be giving my full participation to the organization and help get our tasks done to best of our ability. The Nationals Honors Society is an organization that provides a lot to charity. I believe it that charity is a very important thing we must all contribute in our lifetime. I have been raised to believe that it is important to always help those in need, because it is simply the right thing to do. I would love to help carry out any projects to help give to those less fortunate and to contribute my efforts into helping out the community. I believe my strongest character trait is my determination. I have always strived to become better at what I do and I always try to do a better job. This can be seen in my career as an …show more content…
I have had some trouble believing I can do a task I am fully capable of doing. Oftentimes, I overthought the situation, and it affected my performance of the task. My self-esteem really just gave me a scare from something I was very capable of doing. My self-esteem is a trait that I have been improving on. I am now much more confident when I am presented with a situation that might seem challenging. Also, with my friends and my colleagues helping me, my self-esteem will not be an obstacle. Through hard work and determination, my self-esteem will become much higher and I will become a lot more