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My national identity
I am from Colombia a country located in the north of South America Colombia is a rich country from Spanish and indigenous background.
Colombia’s history starts 20.000 years ago when the indigenous groups lived all along the country some more known than others, there were thousands of communities most of them with a different language. All these communities worked as other societies, a big leader who was known as the person who could talk to the gods. Indigenous followed rituals to thank the gods which was either sacrificing a person or making gold sculptures; (,,,) they threw all these things to the rivers, that was the way they gave the gods all these gifts. There are thousands of gold pieces in Colombian rivers that were left there by indigenous long time ago.
After Columbus discovery of America one of the persons who sailed with him, Alonso De Ojeda, sailed on his own and reached Colombia in 1500, as soon as the Spanish came in all they did was take over from the land and colonize , destroying lots and lots of indigenous communities.
After taking over, the Spanish started to bring their culture; also African slaves were brought to help construct and do hard labour. New ethnic groups were created, mestizo was the name given to those born from a white and an indigenous parent also populations from only African background. White people were treated fairly, given jobs and houses mestizo weren’t treated as good as a white person but the African and indigenous people were given hard jobs and no food hopping they died from exhaustion. All of these took place till 1810 which was the year of Colombia’s independence.
The population of mestizos grew to a point when they realized that it wasn’t fair for Spain to rule a place that is not theirs and with a few months of war Colombia was no longer part of Spain but a republic. After these there weren’t many changes