National Junior Honor Society

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I am nominated to be in the National Junior Honor Society and was asked to write an essay from one of two prompts. I chose to tell you about why I, personally, would benefit positively in the future from this program. To narrow the topic down you asked me to tell you how the National Junior Honor Society would affect my leadership, character, citizenship and how it would better me as a role model. Leadership is the ability to take responsibility in your actions and speech. It’s also the ability to lead others. I strongly believe this is one category I would benefit most from because I tend to keep my ideas to myself. However, with this program I would have to speak my mind for a change to occur. I hope that this program will also help me to take charge in more activities and become more independent in my planning. …show more content…
With the National Junior Honor Society, I hope that I will the one that people will look back at and say “Wow! She had amazing character.” I feel that I have good character but am too scared to show it which is what I will hope the program does for me. It would also help me show the real me rather than hide away and be shy. Citizenship to me is taking care of the community and doing everything in your power to make the world a better place. With this program, I hope I will learn to be more involved with the community and the environment. I also would like to strive harder to have a bigger impact on the community than what I may now. I believe the National Junior Honor Society can help me achieve that goal by teaching us the importance of community service. The environment is a very important place and I want it to be a better place for everyone and the National Junior Honor society can help make that