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Equipment List
Absaroka Backpacking (ABW)
Wyoming Backpacking Adventure (ADR)
Wind River Wilderness (WRW)
Naval Academy Leadership Expedition (NALE)
Outdoor Educator – Backpacking & WFR (OECW)
Welcome to NOLS! We look forward to having you with us at NOLS Rocky Mountain. Please take time to read the following information before making your equipment choices.
Equipment selection and care is an essential wilderness skill. There is a bewildering variety of equipment on today’s market.
NOLS Rocky Mountain provides an Outfitting Department for our students for this very reason. We are a full-service retail store and rental facility for outdoor equipment and clothing. We have expert staff with over 40 years experience who can completely outfit you from head to toe for your expedition needs. The products that we carry have been selected for and fieldtested on NOLS Rocky Mountain courses.
Here are three options to help guide your gear purchasing process:
1) Purchase from us. We have a full retail store with experienced staff that can outfit you completely, tailoring your options according to route, weather, and time of year. This will guarantee you will get only the equipment you need with no extra purchases.
2) Already have items? Bring them along! Your instructors will inspect your gear and determine if it is suitable for your course. If an item is not approved, you can leave it with your luggage in our storage lockers.
3) Want to shop before your course begins? Visit our online store or preferred retailers- additional information below.
We understand that the equipment list may be daunting. When you purchase or rent from us, our experts will provide you with some of the best gear, boots and clothing on the market, at a reasonable price, with consideration to the route, weather, and time of year you are traveling.
If you already own gear or clothing, you are welcome to bring any of the items on the equipment list. We are big advocates of re-using or recycling where appropriate. As mentioned, your instructors will inspect your gear and determine if it is suitable for your course. If an item is not approved, you can leave it with your luggage in our storage lockers.
If you wish to buy gear before your course start, browse the NOLS online store at or you can find Preferred Retailers in your area at
Preferred retailers are retail stores whose staff is familiar with NOLS. Note: If you buy a new piece of gear or clothing for the course, please keep the tags on the item and save your receipt. That way, you have the opportunity to return your purchases if necessary. Purchase at NOLS RM - Indicates that the item is available at NOLS for PURCHASE ONLY.
Not Available - Indicates that the item is NOT AVAILABLE in our gear store, and if you want or need it, you must bring it.
Summer rental prices cover the entire course. All prices are subject to change.
In addition to your course tuition, you have been billed an equipment rental deposit. This deposit will be applied directly to the charges you incur for equipment rental, cleaning, purchase of personal items, and any loss or damage to our gear. Total charges will vary depending upon the amount of equipment that you rent or purchase from us. The equipment rental and purchase prices located in the gear checklist will allow you to estimate your charges. If your bill is less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to you by mail. If you think that your bill may exceed the deposit, please bring cash, travelers’ checks, personal check, Visa or MasterCard to cover the excess. If you do not have a form of payment, we will bill you by mail. If you have any questions or if you would like more information regarding any of the items in the Equipment List, please contact Rocky Mountain Outfitting at (307) 332-1422 | |