Natiuris Case Study

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1) To what extent is Naturis an entrepreneurial company?
In 1988 Naturis was found as a joint venture between F&P Riso Gallo, a well-known ialien producer of rise and Puccinelli, which its field of competence is in the production of dehydrated vegetables. Naturis was perceived as a research oriented entreprise which was exploring potential opportunities with regards to the dehydration process. Naturis was set up through corporate venturing which includes the creation of a new business. In order to acquire new insight and expertise in the field of the dehydration processes, entrepreneurial activities were launched through cooperative corporte venturing (Morris, Kuratko & Covin, 2008). After the sucessful joint venture, Naturis is now
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The organizational arrangements essential for CE are highly promoted and sustained among the company. Naturis is organically structured which implies that there is a low level of formalization as every employee is encouraged to bring forward their thoughts and ideas (Morris, Kuratko & Covin, 2008). Additionally, in order to increase the possibility of the identification of opportunities and to recognize any changes in the environment, the company has promoted R&D to constantly scan the external environment which is clearly considered as one of the central parts in the company. This permits Naturis to deepen its understanding of the market areas, hence increasing the likelihood of apprehending its emerging needs. Another organizational determinant which fosters entrepreneurship among Naturis is the well developed communication and integration system. Cesare Preve is involved in all company activities and thus reducing the boundaries between functions. As the leader of Naturis, Preve personifies the mission of the firm. Effective leadership is a key factor for the development and growth of ideas and also for the entrepreneurial guidance in corporations (Hitt, Ireland, Sirmon & Trahms, 2011). Frequent face-to-face meetings are aiming the creating of commitment among all employees towards new initiatives. Besides, Cesare Preve has imposed regular