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Vinh Tong
Native American
Although Christopher Columbus explored America in 1492, as we knew that Native Americans were first people in American continent. And development process of Native American was always along to development of American since then. Native American lived scattered everywhere in American, but the majority lived in 3 areas: Eastern, South West, and Plains.
At first area, Eastern or Eastern Woodlands was an area that the climate was moderate; and then it was huge area with many of rainfalls, lakes, rivers, and great forests. The tribes live in a same way; the complication in society included a chief, his children, nobilities, and commoners. The Native Americans, who lived in this area, were deer hunters and farmers. In addition, the men made bows and arrows, stone knives and war clubs. The women tended garden plots where beans, corn, pumpkin, squash and tobacco were cultivated. Women also harvested these crops and prepared the food. And living near rivers was cause of transportation; they usually made canoes from bark and tree trunks; then the natives traveled on their feet and bore their cargoes on their backs without any animals, dog was only animal that they domesticated. Eastern was also the first area that the European met first.
At next place, Plains or Great Plains was grassland up to 400 miles wide. Great Plains was a good place for breeding animals with enormous grassland for thousands of animals. Since 1600s, horses have traded between Native American and Spanish. Since then, the natives' way of life changed from agrarian to nomadic hunting and gathering; because they could use horses for hunting longer and farther. After Spanish invaded Native American lands in Eastern, many of Native American tribes immigrated to the Great Plains for seeking new farmlands. Therefore, a common and easily grasped form of communication among tribes of different language backgrounds became necessary; then they used sign language for communicating between them. In clothing, they wore deerskins; they used hefty buffalo hides for winter robes and moccasin soles. Men wore breechcloths, leggings, and simple shirts, just as their eastern counterparts did. They wore their hair in two long braids. The most courageous chiefs had right to