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Archaic – settling adaption, exploitation of environment
Formative – potter, weaving developed food production, intricate homes and furnishing, villages, farming. Religion starts with them.
Clovis, folsom and planeo
Cactus Hill, Virginia – French European ideas of where they came from
Artic – Yupik, innupik
People with boats=wealthy – had clans to go whale hunting.
Kashki? Kashgee?
Stuff to know
Animal spirits
Song Duels
Abandonment Infants and Elders
Seal Hunts
Dogs – transportation
Tailored, long shirts, snow shoes, leggings
More animals had to hunt
Fished and Hunter also had plant life
Canoe, skin or bark tipi
Levirate and Sororate? Close friend of cousin
Athabaskin east algonkian, Nadane-west upper
Chipewyan – west
Treated women unfairly
Women replaced pack animals
Ojibwa - east
Lived warmer geographically,
Easier life = more wars
Windigo – having the desire for human flesh
Cannibalism – during deep times of famine
Babiche – Strips of Caribou skin leather straps
Muskage? – marshy land
Pemmican - like a trail mix
North West Coast tlinkit, Nootka, Chinook, Kwakiutl
Fished Hunted gathered
Salmon People - Seattle Fishing
Social status
Host would bring wealth and disburse it among the people for validation
Was outlawed
Totem poles
Boats and totem poles =high rank
Called themselves tribes
Art, wood carving
Most North part - islands edge of Alaska
Rainforest more snow
Snow shoes
Bride wealth – 168
Moiety (half) –
Blood money – same as the mothers bride wealth
Aggressive – scalps, whole heads most warlike because they had the best resources
Shamans – controlled supernatural spirits, healing
All matrilineal
Show equpitment
Nootka – Vancouver
Organized bilateral, preference to paternal
Canoes, Dentallia (shells)
Wolf Dance – Initiation for Every child of the community
Higher ranked children did it many times to receive all their crests
They were the traders at the dalles
Social ranking system less rigid than northern
Panutian important language
Males and Females could seek for spiritual help (guardian spirits) more important for males
Head flattening
Vision quest and salmon rites (first salmon)
Social struture did not matter whether paternal or maternal
Vancouver Island
Lived by nootka
Fought for societally prestige or revenge, w/villages within the tribe
Or popularity
Kill the chief become the chief
Never to gain land.
200 men few specialists
Bow arrows
No village knew when
Always attacked at night
Ferocious fighter and enjoyed that name
Death was a blow against the group
War revenge for death most likely
Revenge through another death was necessary even if it was illness
Wood long homes – rooms throughout – whole tribes lived in one home
Mosam North, Panutian South
Dryer climate
Protected glasslands
Nez Perze, Claymath
Horses, Salmon,
Hunting was male hobby
Transportation was a lot of canoe and horses
Camas (root crops)
Marriages arranged by wives parents
Coyote was the great creator
Menstruation was a supernatural
Never touched themselves, scratched with a stick
Stayed in different houses and learned from other women to observe
Land had little clear cut
147 – pierced nose - Nez Perce – past oregon into Idaho
Never pierced noses
Chiefs in loosely bound villages
Elected chief
Sought guardian spirit – left for mountains to find the spirit
Expected to come as an animal/bird
Bone weird stone feather = proof of spirit
Arranged marriage
Plains Influence – before lewis and clark
Claymath – South Oregon
Held characteristics of many different tribes and areas
Fish mussels
Heavey rainfall, not as much food
Underground sweat houses
Nuclear families
Tribelet (6) –