Native American Tribe Research Paper

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I am not quite sure I would have survived living back in the early 16600-1700s however, if I could choose, I would want to live in the Cherokee Native American Tribe. I like the fact that they lived in harmony for the most part. Out of the tribes they were relatively civilized and I could relate to some of their beliefs.
I like the fact that they were able to make housing accommodations out of wood and mud to keep it insolated. Later the housing resembled more of a log cabin which is amazing that there were able to construct such things back then. Also they were highly spiritual, this is very important to me. The Cherokee also believe in ghosts, which are supernatural spirits of people who have passed on, but choose to remain on Earth. I can definitely relate to this as well. I believe that being spiritual based people helped them in many of the difficult situations they found themselves in, with the tribe or the white man. Cherokee Indians had an even division of power between men and women. Cherokee men were in charge of hunting, war, and diplomacy. Cherokee women were in charge of farming, property, and family. The men made political decisions for the tribe, and women made social decisions for the clans. Chiefs were men, and landowners were women. Both genders took part in storytelling, artwork and music, and traditional medicine. This again follows along with how I live today, I believe that it should be a fair trade of as far as daily duties and raising a family. It is ridiculous to expect one person to do all of the work or be the sole provider.
The Cherokee Indians were able to adapt easily and were very resourceful. They picked up on the culture, farming technique, and building they learned from the white man and even dressed more European. They used everything they had from the earth and animals to make clothes or crafts. I wish in today’s society we were still this crafty, I believe it would make a lot of things easier and would save