Native American Dances Essay

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30 April 2013 Native American Dance What can be better than music? If anything can be better than music, then it is dance- a combination of music and movements. Dance- it is something. Something that brings people together, something that is pleasant to the eyes. Dance is more than just a movement according to music, it is a type of communication. It is a culture. Native Americans’ dance speaks the story of their life. It is filled with colorful costumes and wonderful movements. It is unlike most of the dances we are exposed to. It is unique. When I was looking for types of Native American dancing in an article, I came across drum dancing. I got very excited by the name of the dance type and “you tubed” it. Honestly it was kind of disappointing to me because they mainly used their hands but not their legs. As a dancer, I give importance to filling the stage and a lot of movements around the stage as much as hand movements so I will not bore my audience to death. However, when I came to know why they are doing the dance- to honor the deceased relatives- I understood it is not a dance done to entertain the audience but to express their feelings. The music and the outfit, which was not as colorful as I expected, were very interesting. The more I watched it, the more I got into it. Men’s northern traditional dance is one of the dances that caught my eye. I loved the way they stomped their feet according to the rhythm. Of course, it looked so easy, however when I tried to do it I was a big mess. My feet…