Native American Mascot Research Paper

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Native American sport mascots are respectful There are many sport teams who have chosen of the Native American as their mascots. I think each sport team chooses their mascot in order to bring the sport competitive spirit and team identity, and it must have certain qualities. I believe the sport teams’ names and mascots do not show disrespect. Conversely, I think they represent a sense of pride and significance. In my opinion, I think Native American sport mascots represent great strength, courage and wisdom. For example, the Washington Redskin football team is one of many teams that has a Native American mascot, and this team has been around for nearly 100 years. We know that there are many arguments about this football team’s mascot. However, when I heard this mascot, I had never once thought of that as a disrespectful remark towards the Native Americans. Oppositely, I think that is an important as a symbol of this football team, and Indians express courageousness, …show more content…
Culture can be expressed in many ways. The compelling thing with the sport mascot are their dress. Some mascots dress in traditional headdresses and dance in the opening ceremony. Their clothes are beautiful and special. Especially their headdress. That is an important part of Indians. Typically made of beautiful bird feathers, also it’s a symbol of powerful and brave. It is a way to express respect. I also think it might get people’s attention to get interested in Native Americans’ traditional culture, so then people will begin to search for more information about them and know more about them. For example, if the white or black people dressed in a Chinese traditional cheongsam, I don’t think that is offensive, but I think that is a way to show other people respect and promote Chinese culture and want more people to understand other country’s