Native American Mascots Essay

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Native American Mascot Controversy In recent years controversy over the use of Native American mascots in American sports has increased to a new level. Advocates of this movement argue that the mascots are prejudice to their race and culture. “The use of American Indians as mascots, they argue, reinforces cultural stereotypes, perpetuates violent war-like icons, and denigrates Native spirituality”(Hofmann 44).Teams like the Washington Redskins has used the name, “Redskins”, since 1932, which was first used by Native Americans themselves. I believe that the mascots are not a prejudice to Native Americans, but simply a representation of strength and bravery. Understanding what the problem with these mascots are quite difficult when …show more content…
Now in recent years they bring controversy and scrutiny to the world of sports. American Indians have signed petitions to change the name of an NFL team, the Washington Redskins. The National Congress of American Indians (N.C.A.I.) claimed that the nickname “Redskins” was stereotyping and discriminating their traditions and culture. National Congress of American Indians states that " “Indian” sports brands used by professional teams were born in an era when racism and bigotry were accepted by the dominant culture"(NCAL). The N.C.A.I. should see that the Washington football team is not using the term "Redskins" as a hateful act, but as an act used to display their bravery and strength as a culture. “The action sought to cancel the trademark “REDSKINS” under the Lanham Act”(Hemmer 3). According to the act, a trademark should not be scandalous or disparaging. The problem with the name is not really the name itself, but the small amount of people who are stuck in the past. This same thing can be said about a few issues in today’s world, because everyone is not willing to move on from past hatred and look to the future. They seem to not understand times have changed and that the dominant culture is not as it