Native American Money Essay

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INTRODUCTION: I believe that the United States should give the Native American money for land stolen from them. Poverty and Education has a big conflict in the world. There are 3 major reasons why the United States should give the Native Americans there money back. The first and second reason is education. Without education or jobs they can’t be advanced in time and lifestyle. Money is a big part of this world and lifestyle too. So much tax cost, and you know what we can do with all the money? A lot. Native Americans can get an education, have a better life. The third is racist acts . Upper class discriminates lower class, etc. We need to get equal rights. I will go into more depth into these topics later on.

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Some rich people have money to spare and don’t invest in it very wisely. They could give back and make some of these peoples dream come true. Also, if Native Americans or really anyone had a decent amount of knowledge they can bring good to this world. Also, some adult needs education and job training because of low job rates.
COUNTER QUOTE: “ You can see that the Sioux are in a hopeless situation, because of the location of their reservation.”(US Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes, says UN
Chris McGreal in Washington Friday 4 May 2012 18.46 EDT ) COUNTER EXPLANATION: However this isn’t true, because they can move out of the reservation to a better place. No one is telling them to stay there. They don’t have to stay in South Dakota. I quote “you can see that the Sioux are in a hopeless situation..” This isn’t hopeless because they can solve this situation. There just being negative, there is a lot of pros to look at not just cons. If you work as a team not just strangers and go on a hunt you can find food and hunting animals. There not really in a “tough condition” Because they have things surrounding