Native American Slavery System

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Throughout history, slavery has been the controversial social expression of the human desire for control and superiority. This notion set the base for monolithic slavery systems which are designed around the needs, beliefs and tradition of the culture that develops them. In particular, Native American systems of slavery represent the development from that design, how it integrates itself in the society, and also how it adapts to the social changes that surrounds them, in this case, the contact with European culture and forms of slavery.
To begin to understand how the Native American slavery system’s worked, it’s important to analyze how they were developed in different social environments and contexts. Consequently, the Creek, Iroquois, and
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In the case of the Iroquois, they implemented the use of captives as a good for trade or gift. The Iroquois slave trade exchange occurred with both colons and tribes with superior strength. As mentioned earlier, the Creek had the most advanced slavery system when the European colons arrived that made it easier to them adapt the “slavery rules” stated by the colons. The creek system also extended and changed the value of their captives, and presented signs of racism based on superiority; in fact, the Creek considered themselves racially superior than the African slaves and the white captives. However, the early slavery systems of Pueblo natives were the one that suffered major changes in order to function according the dynamic of the French colons. As rare as it was, the Comanche’s system was the one that started offering captives as a tool of communication but also the one that started capturing white people to serve as a tool of liberation of fellow captives in the hands of the French colons.
At last, now that the context, mechanics and later changes that the Native American slavery systems were explained, is safely to assume that these systems were monolithic. They were a fixed organization of thoughts and methods, developed around the needs of the native society, but based on the same human notion as the Europeans and every other culture that developed a slave system. Ultimately, I consider that the Native American slavery systems were deeply involved with the catharsis needed by the entire community, manage to impulse that sense of superiority and ownership that any human being