Native Americans Research Paper

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Shaun McCarty
Dr. Buckelew
Essay #1 Native Americans come from different tribes across the United States and they are indigenous to the country. Europeans basically ran the Native Americans out of New World until George Washington declared them equals to Americans. He said that they were equal but the society that they lived in was not up to the standards of the newly created Americans. When Washington decided to civilize the Native American’s land by educating them in the late 1800’s, things went wrong and he ended up destroying their lands after he used them for fighting the British in the Revolutionary war. The new American government took the Native Americans land by making them sign treaties that relinquished their land to the white Americans. Helen Hunt Jackson made a stated in her passage that among the three-hundred banks of Indians, not one had suffered from the government or the white settlers. Helen Hunt also claimed that the stories and truths about what the Native Americans went through over the taking of their land were almost too horrible to recount. They were killed and murdered over their land and for their resistance to the white settlers. The Native American past is very influenced by the United States’ first president, George Washington. Among other white settlers, George Washington believed the Native Americans didn’t have a future in the New World. Like I said before, Washington used the Native Americans for the fight against the Crown in the Revolutionary war, and once Americans won their freedom, he ordered a full scale attack on the Indians, taking out forty of their villages. Most of the horrible crimes against the…