Essay on Native Americans Today

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In 1974 the Administration for Native Americans was established and remains the only federal agency that serves all Native Americans including 562 federally recognized tribes. The goals of the ANA include; the creation of jobs, the establishment of tribal employment offices, formulation of environmental ordinances, strengthen governmental functions of tribes and to establish local court systems. Native Americans also have a strong belief in their culture today. There are many other organizations, other than the ANA, that promote the culture and history of American Indians and also attempt to ensure its survival. In 1993 a group called United Native America formed. Since that time they focused on getting a bill passed that allowed for Native Americans to have a nationally recognized day of celebration. Finally in October of 2008, the Bush Administration proclaimed November as National American Indian Heritage Day. The Bush Administration also contributed to, and started many other government programs to benefit the existing tribes and American Indians everywhere in the United States. Systems were put in place to improve awareness about the culture and history of American Indians through education. Formula Grants for (EASIE) Elementary and Secondary Indian Education focus on integration of native language and culture into school and classroom activities. These grants were made possible by the NIES (National Indian Education Study), which is a two-part assessment designed to assist policy makers in making informed decisions as the work to improve educational experiences for American Indians and Native Alaskans. The study started in 2005 and is conducted every 2 years. Part one focuses on academic achievement and part two focuses on the educational experiences of 4th and 8th graders from schools with both large and small Indian Populations. The DOE (department of energy) created a program, called The Tribal Energy Program, which promotes tribal energy sufficiency, economic growth and employment on tribal lands. This effort is part of a Government-to-Government partnership that America makes with the governments of Indian nations and tribes. The program empowers tribal leaders to make informed decisions about energy. Also brings renewable energy options to Indian country and improves tribal economies and the environment. Most importantly the program generally makes a different in the quality of live in Native