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Observations Of New Zealand Native And Non-Native Birds In Relation To Vegetation Type.
New Zealand’s landscape has changed extensively since the arrival of humans. Now, native and non-native species of both flora and fauna co-exist. People enjoy having wildlife around them and in recent years there has been a great deal of interest in urban wildlife.
This study explores the concept of whether native vegetation fosters the presence of native birds and/or non-native vegetation fosters the presence of non-native birds. My working hypothesis is: “there is no difference in the percentage of native and non-native birds between “gardens” having native or non-native vegetation.” Note: the word “garden” for the purposes of
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The main vegetation types in this area include a canopy of tawa, karaka and kanuka and an understorey being a mixture of predominately kawakawa and emergent titoki, rewarewa and mahoe (Rasch, 1989). The surrounding hill slopes range from kanuka forests on the upper slopes and ridges to wharariki (mountain flax) on the rock outcrops and cliffs.
The area within the reserve where the observations were completed, included the lower slopes of the reserve dominated by tawa-karaka broadleaf forest,but did not include the entire reserve only an area of approximately 1.4ha
(Refer Appendix 2 – Data Analysis Sheet for Waihirere Recreation Reserve NAT 2)
AREA 3: Non-Native Vegetation Area – Papatu Road - Rural residential vegetation (RES 1)
This privately owned rural residential area contains many introduced plant species including a variety of citrus fruits, grape varieties and many stone fruit trees such as nectarine, peach, apricot and plum. This area also includes many introduced shrubs including lavender, bottle brush, rhododendrons, camellia and other introduced flowering plants. The area also includes a significant amount of exotic grassland and is surrounded by highly