Importance Of In Vitro Fertilisation

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In vitro fertilisation is a method for infertile couples to reproduce.The process of in vitro fertilization involves the forced production of follicles and eggs through ovulatory stimulation that will provide multiple follicles and eggs rather than just one, as is the case in a normal menstrual cycle. The eggs are removed from the ovaries when they are ready, which means that any problems with transporting the eggs in the tubes are avoided. By using select sperm and eggs and carefully culturing them in a lab, any problems that might be encountered in the natural process are eliminated. After culturing the embryos for several days, the best of the fertilized eggs are chosen for implantation. This selection improves the chances of a successful conception. The embryos are transferred to the ideal location within the uterus, which means that any risk involved with tubal transport is bypassed. Four distinguishable ethical problems are involved with IVF: 1) the relationship of the physician and the infertile couple to the pre-embryo, 2) the relationship of the physician to the infertile couple and the affected offspring, 3) the relationship of the infertile couple to the expected offspring, and 4) the relationship of the physician and the infertile couple to the general community. The relationship of the physician and couple should be strictly professional yet ethical the procedure being done is to help not hinder. As such the physician should be nothing but helpful to the infertile couple. In-vitro fertilisation holds many religious issues most of which concerns peoples faiths. A widely accepted view in today’s world is that the human organism becomes a person at the moment of birth. A competing position is that personhood begins at the moment of conception. Adopting this latter view weighs against selective pregnancy reduction and research on embryos and might require that all embryos be implanted. The Catholic Church is the major proponent of the view that the life of a new human being begins at the moment the ovum is fertilized. According to Catholic teaching, viewing a human individual as a person dictates recognition of the rights of the pre-embryo as a person. ( Muslim view insert here in bumhole)

Many gay men and lesbians claim that the Christian faith is what rules their lives. Some of them hold that their homosexual orientation is given by God, that it is good, and that there is nothing wrong or sinful with their homosexual activities. These persons state that the christian faith has misinterpreted the bible and misused the statements to their personal gain. The same people who for their own agenda use the bible to further their means to bash homosexual christians. Those who believe in this way obviously want others to agree with them, and many are now working hard to have their views accepted by the christian church and followers.
Other homosexual Christians hold that their sexual orientation is not from God except providentially, since God’s plan inevitably involves human freedom and sin which comes from human fault. While some of these people are not willing or able to identify the specific reasons for their sexual feelings, though still affirming that they are not good and are not to be indulged; others with the help of what they believe to be sound biblical interpretation and accurate psychological analysis, identify the source of their sexual orientation in faults and failures in their family experiences, particularly in early childhood, and, their failures in society that shuns them for their orientation.”If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” (Leviticus 20:13)
These people hold that they are called by God to struggle against their homosexual tendencies as all people are called to struggle against the sinful passions which they find within themselves, while they work