Natural Environment and Young People Essay

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Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.

All activities for children and young people should be planned in advance, so that all details of the activity and the needs of the children or young people can be taken into consideration. Activities should always be planned; so that they can be set up before the children arrive and also so they can look appealing to the children (so they will be more interested). When practitioners are planning indoor or outdoor activities, they should always consider if the environment is suitable for the type of activity, for example; bikes and scooters cannot be used in a small environment; they need to be used outside where there is lots of space and where it is secure. The age, ability and developmental level of each child should be taken into account, if there are the children with special needs, then the activity will need to be adapted and specialist equipment may be required. The adult to child ratio will need to be considered. The noise level should also be considered as if it is too noisy; children may find it difficult to focus. Risk assessments need to be carried out on a daily basis and any hazards need to be reported.
The setting may not have all of the equipment that is required for the activity, so more or extra equipment may need to be purchased. When buying toys and equipment, they should always be checked for the safety marks. Children may not be able participate in certain activities, due to allergies or religious