Essay on Natural Gas and Hellil Reddy Fracking

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Fracking Paper Hellil Reddy
Fracking or hydraulic fracking is a method of mining in which cracks are created in a type of rock called shale in order to contain gas, oil, or other substances that are inside it. First, producers drill into the earth several thousand feet until they reach the natural gas reservoir. Next, steel casings are inserted to a depth of 1,000 to 3,000 feet, and the space between the casing and the drilled hole is filled with cement to stabilize the well and prevent any leakage. After the cement has set, this process is repeated, using a series of successively smaller casings until the reservoir is reached, usually a distance of 6,000 to 10,000 feet. Once the drilling and casing is complete, typically 3 to 5 million gallons of water, mixed with sand and fractional amounts of chemical additives, are pumped into the wellhead at high pressure, creating cracks in the rock beds. The hydraulic fracturing mixture is 95 percent water, 4.5 percent sand and 0.5 percent chemical additives formulated to promote gelling and cleaning.
Many pros of fracking are.. * Widely used 21%of the world’s energy production today * Delivery infrastructure already exists * End use appliances already widespread * Used extensively for power generation as well as heat * Cleanest of all the fossil fuels * Burns quite efficiently * Emits 45% less CO2 than coal * Emits 30% less CO2 than oil * Abundant supply in the US.1.8 trillion barrels * Low levels of criteria pollutants, or soot when burned * Can be used as an automotive fuel * Burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel * No waste or residue to deal with * Lighter than air,…