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Natural Born Talent Two seconds left on the clock, David’s team is down by two. He pulls up for the shot, hands in his face and he releases the ball. The crowd roars as the ball swishes through the hoop and his team wins. Now how is it that David a typical teenage boy has the ability to score that last second, buzzer winning shot. Was it just luck, or does he have a gift. Perhaps David was born with a natural born talent for basketball. Natural born talents are not required for sports, but from your first take at the sport till the day you call it quits, those with natural born talents may have an edge on those without. It helps in three major ways, one, by helping those with it as a kid learn to love the sport, second by giving those with it the ability to outperform others, and lastly it helps with the split second decisions made during critical parts of the game.
It’s Saturday morning and It is David’s first ever basketball game. He is only ten years old, discovering his new love for a sport he was born to play. David returns home that night with over half his teams points, a few blocks and a handful of steals. After multiple Saturdays of success not only is David developing his pride for the sport but coaches and parents are starting to admire his skills. This is the stepping stones to David’s great success as a basketball player. Even at a young age kids want to win, they want to be the star of the team. That is why David’s natural born talent is going to push his decision to take up basketball as a sport. This drive to play the sport is because he has had a taste of the limelight. Throughout these first few years David will develop a love for the sport, because of the success he achieves while playing it. This love will then drive David to better himself and his talent to maintain at the top of his game, potentially making him the player he is today.
Practice makes perfect. Everyone knows that, but is it enough? Natural born talents gives a competitive edge to those who have it. Six foot seven inches is the average height in the NBA. Now if someone is five foot tall no matter how much practice or how good they are, they will probably never get drafted in to the NBA. Height is not much of a talent; it is a very important genetic trait that people without just can't compete with. Another example would be arm length, or hand size. Both of these would give any player with them an edge over those without.
Shot clock has 24 seconds, the quarter has 12 minutes, not to mention the 3 second lane violation, or the 5 second holding call. This game has rules to keep it fast…