Naturalistic Observation At Mcdonald's

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NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION-CONDITIONING AT MCDONALDS 6 never allowed those to win big prices. This game was only to modify the behavior of the parents to purchase more items.
Free Refills
I observed both families going up for refills. There was more consumption of the beverages than eating. The boy and two girls were into the sodas. The parents were into more sophisticated drinks such as the Sweet Tea. Either way this seemed like the stop where everyone can get their physiological needs met. Because they could make their selections on pop, many of them mixed the beverages
Dollar Menu
I observed on the menu that items could be purchased such as three for five dollars. These got the small amounts of money away from the families since the rationale is everyone can
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Consuming large amount of sugar and food shuts down the higher functioning areas of the brain. Many of their items contain ingredients such as fructose especially in the soft drinks which leads its customers to crave more empty calories.
McDonalds in Public
I assume most of the parents do not follow through when it comes to learning theories.
This might be because they are in public. Embarrassment could give an explanation since parents
NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION-CONDITIONING AT MCDONALDS 7 do not want to have their business put out for everyone to see. I am also thinking McDonalds is seen as reinforcement for children who were already on good behavior. Taking them to
McDonalds fulfills the reinforcement both parents promised their children for good behavior.
Removing them from McDonalds would only be for extreme temper tantrums. In Both Families I did not witness this behavior. McDonalds is the place where child go to blow off steam and become lethargic after consuming empty calories.
In summary McDonalds had high ratings in using Learning Theories to control consumer behavior. McDonalds is seen as an environment which uses with maximum precision