Naturally Limitless: A World Where Gratitude IS Utopia! Essay example

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Naturally Limitless: A World Where Gratitude IS Utopia
By B. Todish Imagine that just about the entire world has "retired" to a leisure existance. The world is now mostly made up of gated communities made up of members of those with a leisure lifestyle. They have "virtual" existences. There are life simulations for their travelling, their entertainment, their sports, their eating, their drinking, their sex, EVERYTHING, IS DONE FOR them. Those who control the virtual life simulators, the microlife managers, are involved in every detail, by scanning past, present and future continuously.
The micro managers only additional function, besides keeping the virtual life simulators running, is to keep the poorest and those banned from the gated communities, i.e., those who were politically incorrect, namely defiant, and consciously so) struggling to physically survive. In other words, the micro managers job is to continuously bully and provoke these "alien consciousnesses" as they are labelled, so they are depleted of physical energy, so that they have physical survival always as their priority.
A micro life manager learns about a new economy that the banned and the poorest have developed, where the banned and the poorest begin to self communicate, by reflecting on their experiences. These unique story experiences that they tell themselves enable them to enjoy and have limitless gratitude for the simplest and the least pleasures of life. They begin to be able to have stockpiles of food and other resources. They begin to become a free community where everyone values self communication where positive communication of gratitude for trauma and vulnerability becomes "currency". In other words all the hardships that they have awareness and consciousness of, become, as a result of uniqueness reflection, priceless limitless EXPERIENCE currency.
The micro life managers want the limitlessness of this life as art communication, and thus begins the bottom up teaching that results in realistic utopias.