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Roosevelt Morgan
SOCSI: Issues in Urban Teaching
Instructor: Reginald Finlayson
20 September 2012 Reflection on Nature Deficit It is interesting that the experts have made a new disorder called nature deficit which affect our children. The question is,” what are nature deficit, its dangers, and its cures if it is possible. Well, nature deficit is not a medical term but as social trend, the term describes “the human costs of alienation from nature, among them diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties and higher rates of physical and emotional illness (Deneen2012). Children are being taught to fear the outdoor and not being allowed to play in the woods because many parents fear that their children might get hurt. With this this in mind, one can see where the people like Louv is coming from because children are spending more time in front of the TV or playing ball. However, we must note that society have changed with many family living in the urban areas where there are less opportunity to participate with nature.
Louv ‘s views may be right about what is and have happen to our children and young people is fostering some dangers for the children and the society. The nature deficit contributes to our children losing their opportunity to learn from the natural world. This may have an impact on the children and their family spiritual well-being, their health, their mental and physical health. It’s also contributed to many of our children learning fat. Louv stated that the research…