Nature: Atmosphere and Better Place Essay

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Cause and Effect

Is the earth being harmed or are we making it a better place? Humans have a great impact on Mother Earth. Everything we do, however small or big one way or another affects the earth either positively or negatively. The readings of John Muir, ‘A Wind Storm in the Forest,’ and Chief Seattle’s ‘Address’ show that there was a spiritual connection to nature whereas Al Gore’s ‘Remarks to Climate Change Conference, April 1994” relates more to the physical aspects of why should we preserve or natural environment. They all used one principle of nature; everything is connected. Nonetheless, while the actions of Mother Nature is embraced on a more spiritual level by John Muir and Chief Seattle I agree that Al Gore’s approach is more effective in showing that we are really the ones causing damage to the earth and it is not just a freak of nature.
People are constantly improving their quality of life through increasing knowledge and developing technology. They learn how to turn lush green acres of land in to creative and unique architecture and multi-connecting roads to expand their territories. This is progress to mankind but its regress in the eyes of nature. Many people believe that the earth is a better place due to human activities. That may have some truth in that human has found ways to live a easier life. However, there is the large number of persons that agree that human activities are doing more harm than good to the earth. Three causes of the earth being damaged are global warming, deforestation and pollution.
In the New York Times Justin Gillis wrote that scientist at the United Nation Panel Discussion reported that “Human influence has being detected in warming the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in some climate extremes,” he went on and reported “It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause the observed warming since the mid-20th century.” For instance, using air conditioning, driving, and deforestation for furniture bring about toxic pollution to the air. Driving produces a gas call carbon monoxide that