Nature, Nursure Essay

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Nature/Nurture Essay

What is aggression? “Aggression is a behavior aimed at doing harm to others.” (Morris & Maisto, 2013, pg.274) The topic of aggression has been argued by many psychologists with different perspectives for many years now, but one of the major concerns is if aggression is more natural in male or female. To answer such question I will use biological evidence and social & environmental evidence in the following paragraphs. So the question is which gender is naturally more aggressive? Well evidence shows that male are slightly more aggressive than female. Some biological reasons are the higher levels of testosterone on male, this affects the development of body structures such as height and muscles. This is why males are so tall and strong, this inhibits the way they think by making them feel that they have authority over others. “Low Serotonin is another biological factor of aggression this appears to produce an inability to inhibit impulsive responses to provocation or aversive stimulation.” (Michael A. Hogg & Joel Cooper, 2003) Another major biological factor is genetics. In 1985 McGuffin and Gottesman studied aggression and compared identical twins to fraternal twins and found a concordance rate of 87 percent for aggression in identical twins, compared with 72 percent in fraternal twins. This led them to the conclusion that genes play a large role in aggressive behavior. Another commonly asked question is if exposure to aggressive behavior in the environment encourages or discourages aggressive behavior? As I researched I found out that the environment does encourages aggressive behavior. Such behavior is encourage on TV, movies, video games and in some situations even at home. Society plays a big role, because males are expected to always be stronger and aggressive and women are expected to be polite, and nice. An example of this is that parents tend to buy guns for little kids but you wouldn’t see them buying a toy gun to a little girl instead they get a doll. Another example is that kids now a days play a lot of video games that have to do with shooting and fighting, and when an occasion comes that they are being disturbed by others they think of violence as there only solution since that is what’s being seen. Music is another big influence a lot of music only talks about sex, and violence, if kids are seeing this everywhere this is how they are going to behave. The theory that best fits this social and environmental influence on behavior is the social learning theory. This claims we learn aggression primarily through observation of significant people around us, such as an actor or an actress or even parents. Bandura in 1963 was