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Define the supernatural dimension not existing in nature, not physical or material, phenomena beyonf the customary range of our experiences, not explainable by what we know of the laws of nature supernatural dimension is a single divine being, or power  monotheism
“In an attempt to make meaning of the world, people have developed belief systems that incorporate components that provide understanding. Much of this content contains details that go beyond normal natural human understanding or that which can be explained by science. For example, the Buddhist’s believe in reincarnation in the birth death cycle; this isn’t proven by any means of research nor physical nature, but is accepted in their belief system.”

Discuss a transcendent religious worldview which has a belief in a divine being and/or powers beyond the human a belief in a God or divine power that exists beyond human existence (out there eg. Heaven) divine being exists to pass knowledge to humans from beyond this world eg. Knowledge of God/existence is passed to humans through either a person (prophet) or information in written form (10 commandments)
A transcendent worldview is one which has a belief in a divine power or powers beyond the human. The three Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emphasise the idea of God being revealed to humankind from beyond the human spirit. For example, Muslims believe that the will of Allah has been revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and is contained in the writings of the Koran. This is a transcendent worldview because the divine being is seen to be separate and outside of the human and revealed to humankind through an intermediary.

Discuss an immanent religious worldview which has a belief in a divine being or powers dwelling within the individual
Knowledge and truth is found within
Knowledge can only be unlocked through meditation, gaining wisdom, or following a prescribed path eg. Eight fold path as laid out by Buddah
Upon receiving and understanding truth from within, one could say to have been enlightened
An immanent worldview holds the belief that supernatural powers or divine beings dwell within the human. For the two Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, the emphasis is on the finding of truth from within the human spirit. For example Buddhists follow the Eightfold Path prescribed by the Buddha in order to reach Enlightenment. This is an immanent religious worldview because the divine power is believed to be found within the human and awaits discovery through following the prescribed path.

Define the characteristics of religion (see table of religions)
Beliefs and believers – key values to which sustains the religious practice of a particular religion for the believers
Sacred texts and writings – summary of religious beliefs
Ethics – reasoning behind moral decision-making; explains a code of accepted behaviour; what is right and what is wrong
Rituals and ceremonies –