Nature of Science Essay

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Nature of Science

In the nature of Science article, the problem is students in the United States are found to be doing poorly in international assessments in science and mathematics compared to those students of other industrialized nations. As stated in the article, teacher education programs should influence any positive change connecting guided-inquiry instruction to nature of science that we interpret at appropriate to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and conceptions of science. This study examined the relationship between pre-service elementary teachers’ conceptions of the nature of science and the use of inquiry reaching strategies. This study aimed to explore connections between understanding the Nature of Science and inquiry instruction. It is important to show any theoretical connection between the two areas. One reason the goal to achieve scientific literacy was not achieved is the lace of appropriate preparation of teachers in inquiry and the nature of science. It is believed that unless science teachers recognize the nature of the scientific enterprise, it will be difficult for them to assist their students to gain a sound understanding of scientific concepts. It is also important that pre-service and in-service teachers held similar moderate views regarding science and technology. When teaching lower grades, teaching through inquiry will enhance students’ understanding of the nature of science because teaching science as a process may allow students to experience and develop a more informed and sophisticated understanding and view of the scientific enterprise and