Nature versus Nurture Essay

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Adam Fulton

Nature vs Nurture

What is the difference between nature and nurture? Nature vs nurture is often a difficult argument to decode but after doing a bit of research it is evident that there is a clear distinction between nature and nurture. The debate refers to the innate qualities of a human being (nature) and the personal experiences of an individual known as nurture. The ultimate argument is which contributes more to personality? Nature or Nurture? In the nurture debate, nurture refers to personal experience that most likely occurred during childhood. For instance, serial killer Ted Bundy killed anywhere from 30 to 100 people during his killing spree according to investigators. Although never diagnosed many thought he was mentally insane do to he nature of his brain. Others realize that he may have had a difficult childhood due to the relationship he had with his parents and step father. Bundy's negative childhood could have contributed to the personality change, leading up to his killing rampage. Richard Ramirez, more commonly known as the Night Stalker was a slacking student up until the 9th grade when he decided to drop out. A lifestyle of marijuana smoking and eating junk food was rudely interrupted when he witnessed his cousin murder his wife by a gun shot to the face. Ramirez's cousin often told Richard gruesome war stories that were said to have fascinated Ramirez. It's suggested that the stories depicted by his cousin and the witnessed murder contributed heavily to the fantasies that Ramirez later made reality when he murdered and assaulted 13 people. Nature refers to your genes. The physical traits and personality traits that you were granted with at birth, no matter what personal experiences one could have endured, your nature stays the same. It is often said that people are born sick minded and twisted, which then leads to their brutal behavior such as killing and assault. Which may very well be true, considering a majority of brutal attacks are conducted by the manually unstable. Scientists have done studies on identical twins to see if personality and behavior is affected by our environment, and studies show that over half of our personality traits are hard wired into our genes, meaning that environment and experiences have no effect, that we remain the same. DNA contains genetic