Nature Vs Nurture

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The question of nature vs nurture in psychology is a question that humanity’s greatest minds have been debating for millennia. From Plato who believes in nature, against Aristotle who argued for nurture. To as recently as today where scientists are still trying to figure out the answer with no prevail. (Nature vs Nurture) The basic premise of this debate is whether the mind is influenced by the world around it or is already predetermined. In other words, certain people believe that the mind is a “blank slate” of sorts. The mind will develop based on experiences and environmental conditions. However, the nature side believes that the mind and personality is already determined by factors such as genetics and brain chemistry. It is only recently …show more content…
The brain is incredibly complex and has many different parts that work in tandem. Therefore, if one part has a complication it could cause several problems that could affect one’s personality or behaviour regardless of the environment that the individual is in.
In the aforementioned text it is stated that nature has very strong arguments. However, nurture is a formidable opponent. The arguments for nurture are drawn mostly from psychology. The way the brain handles stimuli can change from person to person depending on there experiences. For instance, some people get sadder than others when watching a sad movie. The circumstances of birth have a huge effect on the behaviour of people. For instance, in the album The Wall the main character’s father passed away before he was born. The absence of a father figure could have serious psychological effects on a person. The birth order also has an influence on the personality of people. The youngest child would have a different perspective on life than the oldest child. The only child would also behave differently then if he had of had
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During this time people are taught morals, how to act, tact and how to be a functioning member of society. The parents have a crucial role in the future of their child. For instance, the main character’s mother overprotected him. This is a contributing factor to the main character’s eventual mental breakdown. Looking back, he realises the effect his mother had when he says “Mother did it need to be so high?” in response to “yes mothers gonna help build the wall”. The wall being a metaphor for isolation that protects him from everything. If the main character’s mother would have been more lenient, perhaps he would not have had a mental