Nature Vs. Nurture: Child Rearing Debate

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Nature v. Nurture: Child rearing debate
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
Alejandra Fraguada
GEHS 3030-4705 Human Formation in a Contemporary Society
Prof. Jahiatt Garcia M.
Trimester Late Feb. – May 2013

Is our personality based on how, where, and who raised us or who are parents or “genes” are? Well that is one thing that people and researchers have been debating over, or so the video says, but really how are we to know if it is between the ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ of how and what we grow up to be. In order to find out, I guess we would have to have some type of clinical, or study, to be able to figure it out. But wait if it all depends on “genes” does it mean that it doesn’t depend on ‘nurture’ or ‘nature’ but merely on
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Yet, there are those who aren’t fortunate to have a life so blessed and enriched like the rest of us. Instead all they see is death and abuse, drugs and gangs, sometimes even going as far as been treated like they are trash who doesn’t have the right to even be alive in this world or have the right to be happy at all. And yet, half of them either turn out to be lovable and caring people, while the other either are psychopaths, sociopaths, rapist, you name it.
So, if saying that our behavior totally depends on where, how, and who we grow up to be, well….. it totally isn’t true, because if it was then some of my friends, and also the whole world would be messed up more than it already is, and probably more, it doesn’t really matter how we are raised but how we want to live our lives. It doesn’t matter who raised us, but who we want to be. It doesn’t matter where we are raised but how and where we want to be in the end. Some say it isn’t true that it does not depend on us at all, but I beg to differ the way we grow up depends totally on us, well also in our parents or whoever is the one taking care of us, but it depends on HOW we want to be seen, HOW we want to be, WHO we want to be, WHO we want to let us see the real us, WHERE we want to live, WHERE we want to be when we have or are in the place we want to be in the end.
By letting some researchers say that we are who we are BECAUSE