Nature Vs Nurture Frankenstein Research Paper

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Do humans have a pre-destined fate, where their future and actions they commit in their life is preordained by the sequence of their DNA? Or, are their actions and the way they turn out is because of the choices and experience they went through out their life? These question are an age old debate about “Nature vs. Nurture” and to decide which, nature or nurture would determine the prospects of a person. In the novel “FRANKENSTEIN” by Mary Shelley, indirectly goes in depth and provide evidence about the elements of Nature vs. Nurture and how it affects the two main characters Frankenstein and his created Creature. By using the arguments of Nature vs. Nurture can it be decided or inferred who the real “Monster” is in the text. The novel indirectly …show more content…
Or, can it be the role of “nurture” where Victor Frankenstein has a loving family compared to his contrasting counterpart Creature where it does not have anyone to love or belong. By contemplating these two roles throughout the text, can it be determined whose actions either Victor Frankenstein or his Creature is the monstrous. The novel begins with Robert Walton an explorer telling his whereabouts to his sister through a series of letter, however one day when looking for a new passage from Russia to the Pacific Ocean finds a man, Victor Frankenstein floating on ice near the time of his death and soon retells the story of Frankenstein to his sister. Victor grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where he grew up with an orphan named Elizabeth, an orphan adopted by his family. Victor is enthusiastic about the sciences and someday wishes to study them. He prepares to leave for his studies at the University of Ingolstadt, at this time his mother and his future fiancé became ill with scarlet fever. His mother had died, while Elizabeth was nursed back to health. In the University after becoming obsessed with the sciences, Victor devices a plan to reanimate a dead body by using a combination of