Nature Vs. Nurture In The Other Wes Moore

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The other Wes Moore by Wes Moore was based on 2 boys with the same name that live in west
Baltimore that went through struggle but took different paths in their lives. One was which to be successful in life and another one life wasn’t successful. The purpose of this book is to convey a message how nature or nurture as an impact on your success and how it doesn’t matter where you live at or what gang in your community to be successful in life and to be yourself and to go to school and become something in life. Nurture overweighs nature in determining individual success by setting, plot, and by diction.
Nurture overweighs nature in determining individual success by setting because the author Wes
Moore lived in West Baltimore that grew up fatherless. For example,” he felt
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This quote explains how west Baltimore is not influencing young adults and young kids with these gang and riots.
Nurture Overweighs nature in determining individual’s success by the plot of the Wes Moore.
For example,” We would learn how to execute military commands and repeat our drill and

ceremony” The quote explains how Wes went to military school for respect and discipline also to get his life together even though Wes mother didn’t have money to pay for his school so she went to ask her family members so Wes grandparents paid for him to get into military school.
Another example is “Wes decided to go with Levy to his final job corps interviews” This quote explains how Wes wanted to be something in life so he went to job corps to get his life together.
The authors uses diction to describe moment which later on in life impact his life to make his life better and/or worst. For example, “they made it clear that cared if I succeeded and eventually so did I “. This quote shows how people influences Wes to believe in his self so now he started to believe in is self and don't care what nobody thinks of