Essay on Nature vs. Nurture

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The causes of a criminal Mind Nature versus Nurture In today's society, one will find that there are many different factors that go into the development of a criminal mind, and it is impossible to single out one particular cause of criminal behavior. Criminal behavior often stems from both biological and environmental factors. In many cases criminals share similar physical traits which the general population do not usually have. For example criminals have smaller brains than properly adjusted individuals. However biological reasons cannot solely be the cause of criminal behavior. Therefore, one must look to other sources as to how a criminal mind is developed. Social and environmental factors also are at fault for developing …show more content…
In fact if you watch television for one hundred hours, you would witness at least twelve murders. As well Canada has a much stricter gun control law in comparison to the USA. If more guns are available than it can be certain that these guns will be used in the pursuit of crime. In many of the cases of violent criminals we see similar environmental components which exist in the subjects life which explain the reason for the maladjusted personalities. For instance a man named Marc LePine committed the unimaginable crime of a mass-murder of fourteen women and then he killed himself. But it is quite evident what could have motivated him for committing this act of insanity. As a young boy LePine was brutally beaten by his father, and his father imprinted violence on his brain. His father considered women to be the slaves of men. Around the age of two, boys discover they are boys, and that their father is also a boy only a bigger version, therefore he is a role model. Marc LePine had a very bad role model and grew up with corrupted morals. When we are born, our minds are kind of blank. The information that we receive in our first five years has a good chance of sustaining itself without being critically evaluated. Dr. Hitzija Bajramovie As Le Pine got older his mother left her children with family and relatives and occasionally visited. Losing both his mother, and his father figure was like a