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BSBMKG413 Promote products and services
Assessment Task 1
1. Describe at least 4 promotional activities that Nature Care Products could undertake. Describe each of the potential promotional activities and your reasons for identifying the activity as suitable. Your reasons for identifying the promotional activity as suitable should also refer to its suitability in terms of meeting organisational requirements (including budgetary constraints) as referred to in the information from the NatureCare Products Marketing Plan.
Promotional activities Reasons for identifying the activity as suitable
1. Advertisement: Nature Care ca use traditional and modern tools and methods which inform all current and potential customers its product benefits and
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Your brief should include:
1. An outline of key messages that the company would like to convey, especially in relation to the ethics of the company
NatureCare’s key messages in relation to the company’s ethics are:
All of the pictures, images, photos and written materials that should be considered when using unless they are legally owner or processed by company
Staffs should not be contacted with all Do Not Call Register
All of material statements its company should not be hold any offensive or discriminative words that impact to people’s gender, sex, culture, background, etc.
All the business operations, behavior, trend and or products, service should be conducted under Nature Care that are secured a safe and sound conditions
Spam advertising and promotion tools activities are indicated illegal
Customers and/ or clients should not be applied with hard selling and push selling techniques
All the stakeholders and parties that are partnership with Nature Care; the business process must be following the signed terms and every conditions of sales contracts
The privacy laws is being
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Employee functions Potential client enquiries: the staffs will display to their friends and family members who will try to use the products as believable and truth Customer awareness will increase by 30%
4. Web pages Detailed potential client follow-up: all the customers ‘s feedbacks can be lodged online and they can be response in an effective way; be will help improve the business trends or images and encourage the strong word of mouth that effects among customers Sales will increase by 63%

2. The business networks you have identified and the information and assistance they can provide.
Identified business networks Information and assistance they can provide
1. Marketing specialist They can provide the support and advices regarding the marketing behaviors, development, technologies that used by the competitions and help to set up the marking blue prints within Nature Care
2. Desktop punishers To be able to help to create, design and develop the marketing brochures, leaflets, flyers, web site with high quality and quantity, up to date information to customer as new products and promotion programs; furthermore, they can help prepare and draft complex business information of statement issues which developed by Nature