Navajo Long Walk Chapter Summary

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Navajo: History and Culture is a belief but highly informative look into not only the history of the Navajo people but their culture as well. The book begins with an explanation of how Native Americans are people whose ancestor mostly likely came to North American from Asia during the ice age. Then goes on to talk about how after the climate got warmer in North American the Native people started to hunt and gather food to survive. After giving an overall view of how Native Americans settled in North American the book start to narrow in on one Native American tribe known as the Navajo and their history. From the Navajo’s creation story to being forced off of their land and into reservations. Though it also gives a look into Navajo language and even how to pronounce some Navajo words. All aspects of their culture gets discussed even small ones such as their …show more content…
A reservation where white settlers would try to make them give up their way of life. Their story is a heartbreaking one and Navajo Long Walk does not skip over any of the gruesome details. Told in first person point of view the author Joseph Bruchac tells the story of the Navajo’s over 470 mile walk and what life was like on the reservation. They did their walk barefooted and those who could not keep up were killed by American soldier. There is one scene in particular that is so appalling because of its recounting of how a Navajo woman was shot to death by a soldier while giving birth. Though after the walk was over they lived on a small reservation ran by a man who did not wish to try to understand the Navajo’s lifestyle. Also on the reservation food was limited because of the terrible soil and they did not eat every day. Navajo Long Walk shows the hardship the Navajos faced in the 1800s when western expansion was Americans only