Navajo perspective Essay

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I come from Chinle, Arizona, a very small town on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. A town where everyone knows one another and word gets around fast. My family has always been one to push me to my absolute full ability and they always have the highest expectations along with standards. Growing up as a Native American, I was not only raised with the standards and expectations of a regular girl, I was raised with the morals and values from the Navajo culture, a culture in which our elders push on the younger generation. My family isn’t one of those that really forced me to practice our cultures beliefs and traditions, but they still expected me to learn them and respect our teachings. Ever since I can remember, my mother has been speaking and teaching me our Navajo language. She’s taught me everything she knew because in our culture, many of our elders only speak our own language. Learning my cultures language has helped me become the person I am today, because I have more respect for the language based on the fact that it’s not easy to learn and it’s been a great part of our history. Listening to stories in Navajo make you appreciate things more because when you listen to the ways things are being said, you can hear the emotion and power in the words. It’s made me look at my culture in a more respectable way. Not only our language, but there’s also another way my culture has helped shape the young woman I am today. In my culture, we has a ceremony in which a little girl goes through once she reaches puberty to gain her way into woman hood. This ceremony is knows as a ‘Kinaalda.’ It’s helped shape the person I am today because I had this ceremony done, and it’s given me so much strength and knowledge. It’s a four day ceremony in which you learn the teachings and you take on responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning,…