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Chelsea Greene
Assignment 5
CISM 4130

The three items I chose are; computer, cosmetics, and jeans. I would most likely purchase a computer online, less likely to order cosmetics online and would not buy jeans online. These are three things that I have previously purchased online and so I have a few reasons for why I would or would not do so again.
A computer, recently I bought a new MacBook Pro online off of my computer is valued very high compared to many other things you would purchase online. This would usually be a turn off for me but I decided that this was the right place for me to order because of the ease and all of the guarantees. The computer is a 15” MacBook Pro and is very sleek and weighs about 5 pounds. There is not really a shelf life at this point because Mac makes it simple to update the newest software onto the computer. This website in the view of the prospective e-commerce customer is relatively simple. All of the choices are listed and so are the comparisons of all of the options for customizing your computer. Apple has a very good reputation for their products and they encourage people to purchase online.

Navigation | Relatively easy | Information on product | Very good | Product reviews | Slightly biased but very informative | Ease of Use | Very easy simple steps to purchasing | Return Policy | Limited return and also a warranty |

The second product I chose was cosmetics. I have purchased cosmetics online from this website has all of the necessary cosmetics that women would want to purchase. There are a few things I would change about the website that would make me more likely to purchase from them again.

Navagation | Slightly difficult | Information on product |