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Tajah-Nay Phillips Plant Disease Caused By a Microorganism
BISC (Section 002) Article Review #3
Fall Quarter 2014 102-38-780

Zambre, Rupali. "Classification of Cotton Leaf Spot Disease Using Support Vector Machine," Journal of Engineering Research and Applications 4: 92-97, 2014.

Professor Rupali Zambre, a research scholar, composed the article “Classification of Cotton Leaf Spot Disease Using Support Vector Machine”. The article begins with a brief background on the importance of cotton. Rupali refers to cotton as “the white gold” because of its significance over most cash crops all over the world. Not only does the introduction provide background information on the disease, it also includes information on the cause of the disease, which is the leaf of the cotton plant, and the machine used to detect the disease on a plant which now a day normally consists of a computer, a digital camera and application software. Professor Zambre states that because 80% of the disease is on the leaf it is what the machine focuses on. Towards the middle of the article Rupali begins to explain the disease in detail. Within this part of the article there are five types of cotton leaf spot diseases. The five different diseases are grey mildew, bacterial blight, leaf curl, fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. Each of the diseases have their own distinct characteristics and their pictures are shown throughout the journal. The different symptoms of the disease depending on the type, includes; drying out, discoloration, lesions and irregular shapes. The middle of the article also contains information on the stages for