Nazi: Adolf Hitler and German People Essays

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During the rise of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler used many different techniques to nationalize the people of Germany. These techniques were specifically designed to portray the German people being more superior than all other nations, giving the German people a nationalistic/patriotic type of feel. In his book Mein Kampf, he mentions that propaganda is extremely vital to the success of a strong army and the nation. Many different types of advertisings were used in order to gain the respect of the people. Hitler was very patriotic about the country of Germany and used his political party, the National Socialist Party to complete these goals. If it weren’t for his brilliant view on the power of propaganda, he could have possibly never have gained the political power needed to lead the country. Even during Hitler’s youth he always believed that Germany had to become more nationalized in order for the country to prosper. Adolph also blamed the loss of World War I on the lack of German propaganda compared to the Allies. When Hitler finally gained the political status of Fuehrer, he used many different variations of symbolism and words in his propaganda to convince the German people that his intentions were the benefit of the country. Hitler’s use of propaganda portrayed Germany’s past issues as being the Jewish populaces fault and made himself seem like the perfect leader for the Third Reich, thereby unifying the country and spawning tremendous nationalism. Adolf Hitler