Essay on Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler

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Joseph LaPlaca
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Adolf Hitler
Hitler's childhood influenced his actions against the Jews when he was an adult. Some people say that Hitler had random hate on the Jews, but that’s not true at all. He did do very bad things that weren’t necessary to the Jews. In Hitler’s mind, he was doing all of this for the right reasons. Hitler’s reasoning of torturing all of the Jews was a result from when he was a kid. First off, the doctor who was taking care of Hitler’s mother was Jewish. Hitler’s mom died when she was being taken care of by the Jew. Hitler was kicked out of school, left out by Jews. There are rumors that Hitler was Jewish, but this isn’t true at all. People say well if he was Jewish why did he dislike the Jews so much. At the age of fourteen Hitler moved to Vienna, Austria where Hitler gained German nationalism. Even though Vienna wasn’t in Germany the people there were very strong with Germany. As Hitler got older and moved to Germany from Austria, he was actually a soldier in the German army. Earning many medals, and actually being a war hero. Hitler’s nationalism got greater and greater as he was a soldier as he left the army, and took a run at taking over Germany. Hitler’s run at taking Germany over was of course successful, but he did have some problems along the way. At a very young age Hitler was taken to jail, when Hitler was taken to jail, he was positive the culture of Germany was being changed by the Jews. Hitler could not let this happen, so when Hitler got out of jail, he began writing big speeches, and poems to persuade Germany to get rid of the Jews. And that the Jews were doing nothing but making everything worse in Germany. Hitler ran in the election, at first Hitler was getting no votes casted towards him. But then Hitler talked about how he could help the depression. Germany was going through a big depression, and Hitler told the