Nazi Germany and Conscience Essay

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Conscience is a precursor that determines one's acts. The question “if conscience is a more powerful motivator than money, fame or power” is usually left not answered. Most People can get overwhelmed by power and fortune that they would lose sight of what’s true. The humans’ conscience is and always will be a more powerful motivator than money, fame or power.
The cruel and ruthlessness in Adolf Hitler, who came to power in Germany in 1933, epitomizes the dominance of power over conscience. Adolf Hitler, the infamous killer, is known to have executed approximately six million Jews, almost entirely effacing the Jewish population. Hitler had the Nazis to imprison the Jews, perform mass murders and enact Hitler's prominent murder method, which involved burning the Jews' bodies in crematoriums. The merciless deeds of Hitler have proven that the hunger for power and fame would sacrifice innocent lives. Conscience would no longer be justifiable if cupidity is to take place.

On the contrary, Mother Teresa's benevolence through her missionary work has portrayed the true meaning of conscience. It is her conscience that strongly motivated her to sacrifice her own welfare for a charitable cause that involved diminishing poverty. In fact, her dedication in eradicating indigence has earned her a Nobel Prize award for World Peace. Mother Teresa was once asked on how to create world peace and she answered, "Go home and love your family." Her remarkable response has opened the eyes of every individual worldwide and encouraged great conscience