Nazi Germany and Final Solution Essay

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Holocaust Essay

Have you ever been captured and tortured all against your will? Well that’s exactly what happened during the Holocaust. A period were millions of Jews died, and the number one person responsible for this is Hitler. The second most responsible person is the top SS officers, who designed and carried out the “final solution” for Hitler.

Hitler was the most responsible man for the Holocaust. My group and I especially agreed to the first statement. Even though the SS officers did the killing, Hitler was the one who ordered them to do the torturing and killing; inside the concentration camps, and during the “final solution.” I didn’t finish watching the “SWING KIDS” movie, but I read the book “NIGHT”, and the Nazis’ actions, were part of Hitler’s plans to exterminate the Jews. Because of Hitler’s actions, he is the most responsible person for the Holocaust.

The second most responsible people for the Holocaust were the top SS officers. These were the people who designed and carried out the “final Solution” for Hitler. In the group discussion, a few choose the officers as the most responsible group for the Holocaust. On the other hand, my group and I thought the SS officers were the second most responsible for the Holocaust. The officers in the “NIGHT” book, and in the movie “SWING KIDS”, targeted the Jews greatly; in their own societies. In the book, the Jews were driven out of their homes, and were tortured in the concentration