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There are 4 distinct periods that you need to understand for this paper.
1. Weimar Germany 1918 – 1929

2. How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

3. How did Hitler become a Dictator in 1934?

4. How did Hitler control Nazi Germany 1933 -45?

You will have to answer question 1 which has some sources and a long answer question where you have a choice from 2.
You will also get a choice of essay from 2 options for question 2.
Time allowed for this Paper is 1 hour
What problems did the Weimar Republic face in the early 1920’s?
1. The Treaty of Versailles
a) L____________________
b) A____________________
c) M___________________
d) B____________________

The Weimar Constitution



2. Problems for the new Weimar Republic
a) Proportional Representation ________________________

b) Article 48 _____________________________________

3. H_________________________





4. List these problems in order of importance in terms of how they affected people in Germany

8 mks

12 mks

Revision Activities

1. Create a mind map for the problems faced by the Weimar Republic
2. Answer question using bullet points and then write a conclusion.
3. Produce revision cards summarising the main points.

Remember not to use bullet points in your exam but write in full sentences. Always remember to P.E.E (Point, Example, Explain)

Stresemann and the Golden Twenties

1. What impression does the image above give you of Stresemann? Explain your answer using the source ___________________________________

Stresemann’s Policies

What did Stresemann do to solve the following problems?
A) Occupation of the Ruhr ______________________________________
B) Hyperinflation _____________________________________________
C) Germany’s relationship with other countries _____________________
D) Reducing Reparations_________________________________________
E) Rebuild Germany’s Economy ___________________________________

What two theories do Historians have about Stresemann’s policies?



Revision Activities
1. Draw up a list of bullet points to support both arguments above
2. Read the question again, make a judgement
3. Now write 2 different conclusions for this answer.

15 mks

15 mks

12 mks

15 mks
What happened to Hitler and the Nazi’s during this period? __________________________
In what ways did Hitler’s tactics change after the Munich Putsch?