Nazi Germanys Rejection Of Liberal Values Essay

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Nazi Germanys Rejection of Liberal Values

Classic liberalism changed the ideological foundation of society which is how liberalism came into being. However not all nations have embraced the beliefs and values of modern liberalism. Nazi Germany is one of the nations that rejected liberal values. The liberal values that were rejected were freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
Nazi Germany rejected freedom of association by using force and terror. Force and terror are used to destroy opposition to the government. There is a secret police force that rounds up citizen identified by the government as enemies of the state. Hitler removed leaders or parties that posed a threat to him. He also held elections in which it is impossible for people to vote for anyone else. Hitler passes the Enabling Act, and all the political oppositions were wiped out which then Germany ceased to be a democratic country and became a dictatorship. Germany was in trouble there was massive unemployment, and a large drop in living standards and when a country is in trouble, people tend to be more willing to accept extreme ideas. Which is how the support for the Nazis continued to grow.
When Nazi Germany ceased to be a democratic country and became a dictatorship the liberal value freedom of assembly was automatically rejected which included the right to come together and collectively express, promote, preserve, and defend common interest. The Nazi government used the military, police and violence to create a climate of fear. The Nazis also used indoctrination and propaganda to control what there people thought and to make sure people obeyed and supported the system.
Hitler the dictator censored everything related to the media including writers and artists. The Nazis made a big long list of every book that they thought Germans should not read. They then proceeded to raid all the libraries, bookstores and even peoples home to gather these books and threw them in a massive bonfire. The reason for this was because some of the books had different