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Himmler- control by terror
How this helped control Germany
Supporting evidence
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The SS
-They were loyal to Hitler
-People feared their power and responsibilities, e.g. racial purification
-All of them were fit and intimidating
-The SS using violence made people do what the Nazis wanted to do.

*There were 240,000 members by 1939
*They warned Hitler about Rohm and the SA
*They could arrest everyone without trial and search houses on site
*One part of it was the Totenkopf (Death’s Head Units)
Concentration camps
-People obeyed, so they wouldn’t be put in one
-They spread views on racial purification against minority groups
-Hitler could ‘get rid’ of anyone, who attempted to challenge him
-People could be punished for their thoughts
*They were isolated areas and weren’t controlled by normal prison rules, e.g. people were used for hard labour
*By 1939 there were 6 with 20,000 people in total and caused mass murders of minority groups

Gestapo(Reinhard Heydrich)
-People feared them because they couldn’t tell them apart from other people
-They feared their power
-Gestapo made people hide their political views and ideas
-They had an access to people’s personal area
*They were Hitler’s non-uniformed secret police and offenders could be imprisoned without trial
*They were able to listen to the people’s telephone talks and had an access to their mails
The police/Local wardens
-People feared them,