Nazi Women Essay

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Cody Schaeffer
History 218
Hitler and Nazi Germany
Mrs. Catherine Davis Gertrude Scholtz­Klink’s goals for the NAZI Women’s Organization were very clear.
The main goals were to educate and train all German women with the ideas of the National
Socialist Party. . This meant teaching them of the importance of their roles as housewives and mothers and providing the education and resources needed for those roles. Their goals were to recruit as many women into their organization as possible to create strong, maternal women between the ages of eighteen and twenty­five. They also sought to provide working mothers with relief at work by recruiting young college women to work shifts to provide these employed mothers with proper vacations and sick days. The Nazi Women Organization opposed women rising to political positions. It was made very clear that a woman.
These submissive ideals brought life to the organizations views on the Nazi women’s rights. Gertrude Scholtz­Klink was appointed by Adolf Hitler as the leader of all Nazi women organizations. She, although a leader of all women, knew her place in society as the person chosen to help educate German women in their responsibilities in the role of supporters of their men and children. She made sure that she and all the instructors of the maternity houses acquainted the members with the goals of the Nationalist Socialists state. These teachings included never asking for equal rights for German women. The goal seemingly being for German women to remain directly uninvolved in combat and politics in the Nazi state.

One of the major appeals that Scholtz­Klink made was to young professional women as well as young women students to participate in the relief of German women in the