Nazism and Nazi Parties Essay

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In my opinion to grant this permit would be constitutionally right, but I feel that letting the Nazi parties do the march will just cause destruction and harm to those of the Jewish community even though they say other words. My view is that the Jewish, black and Hispanic communities have kept their community safe and peaceful and the Nazis want to stir up a little conflict. I therefore denied the permit even though it was unconstitutional. Michelle Folger from the simulation points out the obvious fact that denying this march will be unconstitutional, even though “ We must support freedom even for the thoughts we hate.” stated by Michelle Folger. Another person who pointed out a very important fact was Loretta Jackson; she says “I was victimized by this sort of hate in the past. When I was a girl, a cross was burned on my lawn by the Klan. Honest, hardworking people should not have to be intimidated by groups spouting hate like these Nazis.” Loretta points out a major fact that the “peaceful” marches don’t always turn out to be as peaceful and calm as they are supposed to be. If some of the members were to get out of hand and either destroy someone’s property or even hurt someone it would just be instilling fear into the eyes of the peaceful citizens of the community. This would be giving the Nazi parties more power in the community and destroying the peaceful community that it was once. To come up with a fair march for both parties some changes would have to be made.…