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Steve Jobs is arguably one of the best inventors in our time. He and his partner created the first Macintosh computer and created one of the largest technology company ever, Apple. Apple has been cranking out new technological inventions that no one has ever seen before. And Apple will always be bringing us new things that we have never experienced before. Jobs will be in the history books if he isn’t already and he will go down as the god of technology and the King at Apple. He also will be one the guy that started the change of the the inventions in the technology world. Jobs wanted to change the way that people use technology and wanted to change the way that the world communicates with each other and he did just that. With the Iphone, iPod, and iPad we can communicate with one another in ways we never thought we could and most of that was contributed by Jobs and his amazing team. Steve Jobs was an incredible man. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He had a rough life as a baby because his real parents didn’t want him and they put him up for adoption. He was adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs. Job’s real parents wanted him to be adopted by College Graduates and Paul and Clara were. Paul was a mechanic and he showed Steve how to work one rudimentary electronics. They worked on electronics in their garage and showed him how to take apart electronics and put them back together, this is where Job’s got his hobby in electronics. In school Job’s was a very smart kid even though he played pranks on people. The school recommended that he skip two grades because of his test scores. But his parents only wanted him to skip one. While in high school Job’s met a guy that would be his partner and one to make the first Apple computer, Steve Wozniak. Wozniak and Job’s both had an interest in electronics. After Steve graduated from High school, he enrolled in Reed College. This was an expensive college but his parents could still afford it. Job’s parents spent most of their life savings on his education because it was very important to them. But six-months later he dropped out of it and he started taking creative classes. A year later in 1973, he took on a Job at Atari. While at Atari Job was assigned to create a circuit board. Job’s left Atari and he worked on the first Apple computer and it was released on 1976. About a year later they created Apple co. on January 3, 1977. The sales for the computers were bad and the Apple CEO let Job’s go in 1985, but later returned to Apple in 1996. Many people did not know that Job’s had a lot of other good things that happened in his lifes. In 1986 he bought The Graphics Group which was renamed as Pixar. Pixar and Disney had a partnership but in 2004 their contract was expiring and they failed to have another partnership and Job’s said that he will try and find another one. During the time that he was making the first Apple computer, there was not a lot of technology that was around. So everything that he made and everything that was invented was a huge technology advancement and it was a huge step up from what they already had. Steve Jobs has changed the way that people connect with one another even if they aren't right next to each other. The way that Jobs has done this is by making it so that people can have a Apple Product and then you could connect to anybody you know using that Apple product. The way that this all got started was when Wozniak and Jobs worked together and they decided that they wanted to build a computer together. Wozniak was the one that put them together while Jobs was the brains behind it. The first Apple Computer was put on sell for $666.66. Now for us that is a pretty good price for a computer