Essay on NBA elite teams Heat and Lakers comparison

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Cooper Crawford
Period 1-2
E. Lee
NBA Elite Teams Have you ever wondered about how two NBA elite teams are alike and different in their play? Well if so here are some on the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. These two great basketball teams may be more different or the same than you think. In the comparison between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, there are many similarities and differences. One similarity between the two teams is that they both have a big three. The Heat has Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh whereas the Lakers have Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard. In the last three years both teams have won one NBA championship, The Heat are the defending champs because they recently won and the Lakers were the winners in 2009 looking to win again this next year. Both teams are at the top of their conference mainly because of their big threes, but they did not start out together. Both teams’ big threes have all played in the Olympics, and actually all on the same team except for Lakers point guard Steve Nash. The Lakers big three was just put together and the Miami Heat’s in 2011. As you can see these two NBA exciting teams have very much in common. Now, these two teams also have many things not in common. One thing that’s different between the two is their age difference. The Heat are just in the middle of their prime with their high flying shows as the Lakers are somewhat past their prime with the exception of Dwight Howard and play more of an old school game with their skills instead of athleticism. One other dissimilar quality between the Heat and Lakers is that they have two different paces to the game and style of play.