Nba Finals and Derrick Rose Essay

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Austin A
Professor A
English 101 D175
1 December 2014
California Dreamin’ When I wake up, I can already smell cinnamon rolls cooking downstairs. I sit up and get off of my king-sized Tempur Pedic mattress. I walk to the other side of my bedroom and open the glass door, stepping through them onto my balcony. I lean on the gold rail surrounding the balcony and look out at a beautiful sunrise eclipsing the massive skyline, a sight I’ve become accustomed to since I moved here nine years ago in 2020. Yes, waking up in Los Angeles had been my dream since I was very young; and I finally fulfilled it when I was accepted to the University of Southern California (USC) in 2016. I head back through my room and down the winding, marble staircase. When I reach the bottom I can hear the bubbling sounds of the small waterfall in the living room. I walk by my trophy case and stop for a second to admire my 2018 Heisman Trophy. I pause and think back to the days when I shocked the nation by not declaring for the NFL draft after being named the best player in college football; instead graduating from USC with honors and pursuing my dream of becoming a physical therapist.
When I walk into the kitchen my wife Jennifer (formerly Jennifer Aniston) is yelling, “Breakfast is ready! Come down here!” She is sixty years old now but she doesn’t look a day over 24. Think “Friends” Season 3, those were the days. After I’m done eating it’s time for me to get ready for work, which consists of throwing on a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and a matching pair of now extremely retro Jordans (today I’m rocking the Space Jam 11s). I can dress like this because things at work are very laid back, since every one of us workers are good friends. Being at work (Orthopedic Rehab Center) is more like hanging out with friends and talking about the latest and hottest topics in sports rather than working. I hop into my midnight blue Ferrari 458 Italia and pull away from my Spanish style mansion, enjoying the cool mist coming from the stone fountain in my front yard. I speed down Sunset Boulevard because I’m late, until I remember I’ve just been promoted and no one really cares when I show up or how I dress. I’ve gotten so good at my job that no one really questions what I do.
I stop to grab coffee at the Starbucks next door to work, just like I do every other day. I step in and I can already smell the pumpkin spice latte I’m about to order. While waiting patiently in line I look around at the same people I see here every day, doing the same thing they do every day (reading, typing on their laptops, listening to music). Afterwards, I walk down the sidewalk and into work, and I’m immediately greeted by my co workers.
“Hey, Austin!”
“How’s it going, Austin?”
“Did you catch last night’s game?”
And yes, I did catch last night’s game. Derrick Rose dominated in the final game of his 21st NBA season just before he announced his retirement. The 6-time Most Valuable Player (MVP), 5-time NBA Champion, 2-time Defensive Player of the Year, and one time Rookie of the Year led the Bulls to their 11th NBA Championship with a Game 6 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although I’ve lived in California for several years now, I remain faithful to the teams of Chicago (just as Derrick Rose remained faithful to the Bulls throughout his entire career), the teams I grew up rooting for. I look around at the multiple signed jerseys framed and hung on our walls, a sight that amazed me when I first started working here as an intern in 2020. My work day consists of working with professional athletes like Cam Newton and Andrew Wiggins since they’re in their break period between seasons. Working with seasoned veterans like them is great because I get to talk to them and hear their stories about their illustrious careers in two of America’s most popular sports, which is really the epitome of happiness for me because of my passion for sports. It has been my dream to have a chance